The Secret Alchemy of Poetry – Percy Bysshe Shelley

  "Their language is vitally metaphorical; that is, it marks the before unapprehended relations of things and perpetuates their apprehension, until the words which represent them, become, through time, signs for portions or classes of thoughts instead of pictures of integral thoughts; and then if no new poets should arise to create afresh the associations … Continue reading The Secret Alchemy of Poetry – Percy Bysshe Shelley

A short film about artist Leon Spilliaert (more) Spilliaert was born in Ostend, the oldest of seven children of Léonard-Hubert Spilliaert, who was a perfumer, and Léonie (née Jonckheere). From childhood, he displayed an interest in art and drawing. A prolific doodler and autodidact, he was predominantly a self-taught artist. Sickly and reclusive, he spent most of his youth sketching scenes of … Continue reading A short film about artist Leon Spilliaert

The Romantic Symbolism of Trees

Caspar David Friedrich, “Abbey among Oak Trees” (1809-10) The Romantic Symbolism of Trees by Allison Meier "As with the Victorian language of flowers, specific trees have their own symbolism. Reverend William Gilpin, an artist and cleric, stated it “is no exaggerated praise to call a tree the grandest, and most beautiful of all products of the earth.” In … Continue reading The Romantic Symbolism of Trees

Dorothea Tanning’s “foray into imaginative botany,”

Dorothea Tanning's “foray into imaginative botany," "In the months before beginning this series, at the age of 86, the artist thought she had finished painting in her New York studio but then remembered a set of stretched Lefebvre-Foinet canvases, which she had purchased years earlier while living in Paris, and was compelled to use one. … Continue reading Dorothea Tanning’s “foray into imaginative botany,”

Jung’s Active Imagination | Reality Sandwich

"More abstractly,  it's a method of consciously entering into a dialogue with the unconscious, which triggers the transcendent function, a vital shift in consciousness, brought about through the union of the conscious and unconscious minds. Unexpected insights and self-renewal are some of the results of the transcendent function. It achieves what I call that elusive … Continue reading Jung’s Active Imagination | Reality Sandwich

You Who Never Arrived by Rainer Maria Rilke

I was introduced to the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke through his Duino Elegies, as analysed by James Hollis in his book "The Archetypal Imagination". Hollis is a Jungian analyst, and the chapter on Rilke begins with Hollis writing: "What we wish most to know, most desire, remains unknowable and lies beyond our grasp. In … Continue reading You Who Never Arrived by Rainer Maria Rilke