Hermetic Rebirth and the Cave of Initiation

  Hermetism is often and wrongly confused with Gnosticism, which similarly originated in Egypt in roughly the same era. For present purposes, a few salient points of contrast will suffice. Like the God of Stoicism, the Hermetic God was omnipresent and omniscient through the material cosmos. In Gnosticism, by contrast, God was transcendent, and the … Continue reading Hermetic Rebirth and the Cave of Initiation


The Turning Sky | Lapham’s Quarterly

"The god Horus is a falcon (the word for which in hieroglyphs is qhr, the falcon’s cry). In the third surviving column of text, remarkably, the falcon is marked with a triangle, the hieroglyphic designation for the star Sirius. As if it were a mathematical proof unfolding before my eyes, I saw that if the … Continue reading The Turning Sky | Lapham’s Quarterly

Jean Delville – The New Mission of Art: A Study of Idealism in Art

The Belgian Symbolist painter and writer Jean Delville (1867 - 1953) is considered a mystic, an idealist, and an occultist who sought to revive the ancient traditions of Cabbala, Magic, and Alchemy. In 1896, he founded the Salon d’Art Idealiste, which is considered the Belgian equivalent to the Parisian Salon de la Rose Croix and … Continue reading Jean Delville – The New Mission of Art: A Study of Idealism in Art

The Tarocchi de Mantegna

The Tarocchi of Mantegna is one of the earliest known tarot or Tarocchi packs, "being dated to c.1465, contemporary with the Visconti-Sforza deck of the mid-fifteenth century which is recognised as the earliest tarot." In the words of Adam McLean: The symbolism of these cards, or perhaps we should say 'emblematic figures', would seem to … Continue reading The Tarocchi de Mantegna

Alchemical Psychology – Old Recipes for Living in a New World

"An alchemist is seen in physical form below this magnificent scene wearing a coat of stars, white one side and dark on the other. He stands in a grove of trees, each of which bears a symbol of the planetary metals and twelve fundamental substances. The alchemist holds a twin-bladed axe in either hand reinforcing … Continue reading Alchemical Psychology – Old Recipes for Living in a New World

Hand Symbolism & Beliefs

Lots of information on Hand Symbolism on this page, from various cultures and belief systems. "The ancients attached special occult significance to every part of the human body. The symbolism of the human hand alone may fill several volumes. Symbols may signify abstract or concrete concepts, imaginative or real events, natural or "supernatural" phenomena, spiritual … Continue reading Hand Symbolism & Beliefs

Knowing Beyond Knowing – by Peter Kingsley

The Heart of the Hermetic Tradition http://www.peterkingsley.org/cw3/Admin/images/knowing.pdf