The Gold Tree, with initials designed by Austin O Spare

The gold tree. With initials designed by Austin O. Spare and cut in wood by W. Quick. Published 1917 The Gold Tree is a short story written by Sir John Collings Squire, in which he describes in detail an imagined bookshop that appears frequently in his dreams.  It can be viewed and read here: reading The Gold Tree, with initials designed by Austin O Spare

Jung’s Active Imagination | Reality Sandwich

"More abstractly,  it's a method of consciously entering into a dialogue with the unconscious, which triggers the transcendent function, a vital shift in consciousness, brought about through the union of the conscious and unconscious minds. Unexpected insights and self-renewal are some of the results of the transcendent function. It achieves what I call that elusive … Continue reading Jung’s Active Imagination | Reality Sandwich

Dreams, Russian Roulette and Revelations

For the past week I’ve been having really vivid dreams, with a peculiar stress on certain words. It’s similar to waking up with a song in your head, except instead of a song, it’s a word. One morning this week it was “Erica”. I know no one named Erica. This morning it was “psychobabble”. Falling … Continue reading Dreams, Russian Roulette and Revelations

From the Aquarium of Vulcan: On Dreams

From the Aquarium of Vulcan blogspot: the blogger claims to have "taken the audacious liberty of modernizing much of the spelling in this tract." "That there should be divine dreams seems unreasonably doubted by Aristotle. That there are demonical dreams we have little reason to doubt. Why may there not be Angelical? If there be … Continue reading From the Aquarium of Vulcan: On Dreams