Ars, Arte et Labore translates as Art, Skill and Work. I’ve been a student of the “Magnum Opus” or “Great Work” on the Self for over 20 years, studying  Alchemy and Symbolism, Hermeticism, Gnosis, Kabbalah, Ancient Philosophies, theologies, modern psychology, Mythology, Egyptology and the History of the Ancient Near East. This blog mainly deals with those subjects, and with the Arts, though I stray into other areas of interest sometimes! So you can expect history, mythology, art, illustration, music, poetry, storytelling, folklore, literature, nature …..

Years ago, while upon this journey, I read Hermann Hesse’s book The Journey to the East. The English translation of the title is misleading – it doesn’t mean The East as in The Orient. In German the title was “Die Morgenlandfahrt” which suggests a journey in the Land of the Morning, or you could say the land of the Morning Light. I’m a huge fan of Hesse’s work, especially as he covers in his books many of those subjects I’ve listed above. On first reading, I found it unhelpful and confusing. I’d had high expectations, especially as I’d learned so much from his other books. Several years later, I read it again, and on that occasion, I was ready to understand it. And it was like looking in a mirror, and being at home, all at once.

I put this blog together and keep adding to it, in the same spirit as Hesse wrote that book. Everything is out there, and you won’t see it unless and until you’re ready, including the importance of the Morning Light.


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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by our blog, and for the likes and for you comments. We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to follow us. We have taken a look at your blog and find it very intriguing as my latest novel delves in to esoteric societies, with a supernatural twist. If your interested you can find the link on our website to the chapters I am posting while finishing up the final edits before publication as an e-book. I wish I would have learned of your site sooner. Regardless it will be fun to read your many posts. Thanks again. L&L


  2. Thanks Alex 🙂 Yes, been playing around with a few different themes, none of the free designs have ALL of the options I’d like! I hope this one is easy to navigate for people who visit.. I’m going to see how it goes for a couple of weeks and then decide whether or not to keep it this way. More people have been reading older posts since I changed it, so it’s looking like a good change so far! 🙂


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