Beardsley and his Work – Aubrey Beardsley tv Documentary from 1982



Aubrey Beardsley was a phenomenon, as his contemporaries recognised. Between 1893 and 1898 (when he died from tuberculosis aged just 25) he developed into one of the world’s most exciting graphic artists, and turned out hundreds of black and white drawings, which retain their power to fascinate, to amuse and to shock.

In this film Brian Reade, Brigid Brophy, Ralph Steadman and a psychiatrist, discuss Beardsley’s work and recall the story of his short life. The film has been made almost exclusively from Beardsley’s original drawings. (1982)

via BBC iPlayer – Beardsley and his Work

Also available to watch in 4 parts on youtube

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Featured image: Frontispiece for ‘Venus and Tannhauser’, 1895 by Aubrey Beardsley. Art Nouveau (Modern). design. Higgins Art Gallery, Bedford, UK