The Trows of Orkney Folklore

Trows are fascinating creatures found only in the folklore of the Orkney and Shetland islands. Yet, describing them accurately is difficult because sources are not always clear. Folklorists have long insisted that the word “trow” is a corruption of “troll,” and that Orkney’s Trows descend from their Viking ancestors’ stories of Trolls. Sigurd Towrie, author … Continue reading The Trows of Orkney Folklore


RERE RER – Fulcanelli

(auto-translation from the French) Here is a large excerpt of commentary on Fulcanelli RERE RER, in his first book "The Mystery of the Cathedrals" ... The puzzle itself consists of two terms: RERE, RER, which seem to have no meaning and are both, repeated three times on the concave bottom of the niche. We already … Continue reading RERE RER – Fulcanelli

Emperor Julian – To Apollo and The Sun

The Sun's resplendent deity I sing, The beauteous offspring of almighty Jove, Who, thro' the vivifying solar fount Within his fabricative mind conceal'd, A triad form'd of splendid solar gods; From whence the world's all-various forms emerg'd From mystic darkness into beauteous light, Perfect, and full of intellectual goods. Hail! Supermundane king of light divine, … Continue reading Emperor Julian – To Apollo and The Sun

The Rose of The World – The Metaphilosophy of History by Daniil Andreev

Gamayun is a prophetic bird of Russian folklore. It is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge and lives on an island in the east, close to paradise. Like the Sirin and the Alkonost, the Gamayun is normally depicted as a large bird with a woman’s head. In his esoteric Christian-Buddhist cosmography Roza Mira, Daniil Andreev … Continue reading The Rose of The World – The Metaphilosophy of History by Daniil Andreev

Wyld’s Great Globe in Leicester Square

Wyld’s Great Globe (also known as Wyld’s Globe or Wyld’s Monster Globe) was an attraction situated in London’s Leicester Square between 1851 and 1862, constructed by James Wyld (1812–1887), a distinguished mapmaker and former Member of Parliament for Bodmin. At the centre of a purpose-built hall was a giant globe, 60 feet 4 inches (18.39 m) in diameter. … Continue reading Wyld’s Great Globe in Leicester Square