Nettle-Eater | Coyopa

I was seeking something unknown, unknowable. I knew the names of it – I had read a thousand books describing it – but the beast itself roamed out beyond the edge and in the deep centre of things. Yes, in the Fire of fire and the Water of water. Eventually, I knew. I had to … Continue reading Nettle-Eater | Coyopa


Kometenbuch (1587)

Kometenbuch, a handwritten and handpainted book with beautiful illustrations and explanations on the meaning of comets, from 1587!thumbs/1336039708836/1/

Separating ourself from ourself | Jim Robinson

"...our first steps towards freedom require us to “remember ourselves” and in doing so “separate ourselves from ourselves”. As I understand it, this means in my psychological language to dis-identify with the reactive places we are caught in. In other words to make an object of the part of that is caught into whatever reaction … Continue reading Separating ourself from ourself | Jim Robinson