Aquarium of Vulcan: Kepler and the Quincunx

Aquarium of Vulcan: Kepler and the Quincunx.

“The division between astrology and astronomy in Kepler’s day was quite blurred and not at all sharply delineated as nowadays. Throughout his life Kepler supplemented his income by regularly publishing calendars which predicted future events from astrology. For the year 1595 he prophesized a particularly cold winter, an attack by the Turks from the south and a peasant uprising: all of which occurred.”

Interesting blog post on the Aquarium of Vulcan

Francis Bacon’s use of ancient myths in Novum Organum

“Francis Bacon’s monumental work, Novum Organum, is an attempt to establish a new
status for mankind. Using some of the most prominent myths—particularly those dealing
with the gods Pan, Dionysius, Perseus, and Prometheus—Bacon hoped to inaugúrate a
new era of success and happiness for his fellow man. In Book I of Novum Organum,
Bacon involves these gods and their significances, juxtaposing them with man as he might
and could be. In this essay, the author examines about twenty of the “Aphorisms” in
Bacon’s work, showing the possible impact of the ancient god who is most appropriate
for the “Aphorisms” under discussion. This article is clearly a work of utopian
proportions, revealing fascinating journeys into the realm of romanticism.”

Wendell P. Maclntyre
University of Prince Edward Island

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