Hand Symbolism & Beliefs

Lots of information on Hand Symbolism on this page, from various cultures and belief systems.

“The ancients attached special occult significance to every part of the human body. The symbolism of the human hand alone may fill several volumes. Symbols may signify abstract or concrete concepts, imaginative or real events, natural or “supernatural” phenomena, spiritual or material principles. In what we have found, the ancient sages and philosophers made used of the hands to portray and symbolize many things of worth to the evolving soul. They taught many things using the hands as similitude, allegories, analogies, and examples.

The left and right hands were often represented for the many polarities that we find and experience in life. For instance, hot/cold, high/low, darkness/light, etc. ”


4 thoughts on “Hand Symbolism & Beliefs

  1. The hand paintings in cave art interests me. On a mundane level I often see when a family have laid fresh concrete down in their gardens that they will date it and they all leave their hand prints in it.


  2. No i never found that statue either, but there is another hand/finger symbolism reference in Urn-Burial – ‘of the hand wherein the little finger of the right hand contracted, signified an hundred. Pierius in Hieroglyph. e.one night as long as three’.


  3. Sir T.B. knew of this kind of symbolism – ‘And in their groves of the Sunne this was a fit number, by multiplication to denote the dayes of the year; and might Hieroglyphically speak as much, as the mysticall Statua of Janus in the Language of his fingers.- Garden of Cyrus


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