Sometimes a Wild God

Coyopa : words by Tom Hirons

I’m delighted to say that this poem is now available to buy in book form, with amazing illustrations by Rima Staines. There’s another of the illustrations at the bottom of this post. It’s printed on 100% recycled paper in the UK by a worker’s co-op. Do take a look – it’s a beautiful, pocket-size book and only costs £7.50 + p&p!

You can buy it direct from us at the Hedgespoken Press website:


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2 thoughts on “Sometimes a Wild God

  1. Glad you appreciated it Alex – I found it enchanting and very moving!
    Coyopa is also active on Twitter and Tumblr

    I found him through Rima Staines, an illustrator and wordsmith who has a blog called The Hermitage who I came across on Twitter a couple of years ago.
    Some of Rima’s illustrations are not to my taste (her main header picture, for instance), but her posts are often delightful and some of her artwork is really lovely, like her illustrations for a CD, an English Arcanum and this painting entitled The Alchemist, which builds in front of your eyes as you scroll down

    ~ Jaq


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