Dreams, Russian Roulette and Revelations

For the past week I’ve been having really vivid dreams, with a peculiar stress on certain words. It’s similar to waking up with a song in your head, except instead of a song, it’s a word. One morning this week it was “Erica”. I know no one named Erica. This morning it was “psychobabble”.

Falling asleep  feels a  little like playing a game of Russian Roulette sometimes. After a string of fairly innoccuous dreams, and one that was very pleasant, last night I was reliving a painful experience over and over. The dreams were full of symbolism, and each time I would wake up, I’d feel the hurt and remember the symbols, only to fall back asleep and relive the scenario from another surreal angle. This is what I mean about the Russian Roulette game; when we fall asleep, we really do not know what we are going to experience, whether it will be forgettable, pleasant or downright painful.

After the scene playing out three times with three different perspectives, I did gain some insights, and there was a little humour to be gained from it. I was reminded of the film The Jerk,  and this scene when Steve Martin’s character is saying he doesn’t anything, “except this”..  in that my priority when making my exit from the scene was in holding on to a fireguard, and to a little, aboriginal musical instrument.


5 thoughts on “Dreams, Russian Roulette and Revelations

  1. I’ve never intentionally introduced a symbol for my mind to use – I’ll give that a try, I can see how that would work and how it might make it easier to understand a dream, if other symbols can be hard to crack.

    I quite like the symbols that my unconscious mind throws up, without me suggesting them though! For example, that aboriginal music instrument in my dream last night was directly related to the comment you posted the other night. I DO have the instrument, and had completely forgotten it was from Australia, but my mind used that as a symbol to confirm what is important in my life, which is learning about things such as the information in that link you posted.
    And the fireguard doesn’t exist, but in my dream it symbolised a protection I’ve built up against “fire” – such as in the painful scenario and argument I was being shown over and over again in the dreams. These are symbols and stories I would not have chosen, but the dream really opened a few mental doors and revealed something I had not been aware of about myself.

    It might be worth concentrating – as you suggest – on these 2 symbols, tonight and see what further helpful insights might be revealed.


  2. Dreams are challenging. There are ways of using them as a tool to problem solve, for instance introducing symbols and patterns that your mind can use to then express in dreams, or to set your mind on a problem to solve just before you go to bed.


  3. Thanks for this link, Kevin. I look forward to reading it. I love how our minds can teach us so much via dreaming – they bring our subconscious or unconscious awareness into our conscious awareness, and can be revealing…..AND amusing, when we understand the symbols our mind has chosen in an effort to make us see the connection and the lesson!


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