A Life Free of Compromises

A Life Free of Compromises.

“The difference between someone who leads a “reactive” life and someone who is conscious of his/her ability to attract reality (their potential for creation) is that the former lives in compromises while the latter always stands true to his/her heart’s choice. I am using “heart” as a metaphor here, by heart’s choice I mean the choice/desire that truly resonates with your inner being. To stand true to your heart’s choice is not an “idealistic” way of living, it’s a very scientific, and reality based, way of living. Whether you know it or not, the universe is purely responding to your inner choices, it scientifically can’t do otherwise because your choices define what you believe, and you can only see what you believe – so when you make a choice to live a life of compromises, that’s exactly the life you will see in your reality and when you make a choice to live a life free of compromises that’s exactly the way your reality will shape out, it’s very precise and there is no getting around your responsibility of making this choice.”

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