Rising above egotism

Nice post from Alex.

Liberated Way

Egotism is a universal mind trap that impacts us all.

I mentioned yesterday about separatism, there is another monster that is a cause of many problems amongst humanity, egotism.


We have all met egomaniacs, or been impacted by such people.  Egotism is a pattern of behavior where the individual centers all attention upon themselves in such a manner that all those around them may as well not exist.  Some might say the egotist has an inflated or exaggerated sense of themselves leading to hubris and strife.  Most people react in a negative manner to egotists, and the egotist rather than draw people to themselves creates a gulf of separation from others.


As like separatism, egotism is a delusion, that causes the individual to have an unrealistic view of themselves and the world.  If the egotist is a decision maker, one who has power, this can create a…

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4 thoughts on “Rising above egotism”

    1. Thank YOU for a timely blog post 🙂
      As I wrote in the comments on your blog, my ego has been raging recently, as it seeks approval for some tricky decision I’ve been having to make, and resulted in a very angry, negative phase. Your 5 tips on how to combat egotism are extremely helpful Alex, thank you :-).


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