Liberated Way

Ideas are like acorns, given attention they will grow into oak trees.

Colchester is my home town, a place that without much planning is becoming a magnet for artists and creative talent.  Any acorn that lands upon the ground has a need to germinate, grow and then reproduce.  One acorn becomes an oak tree, that can easily become a forest of oaks.  This is what is happening in Colchester as artists attract other artists, attract money and artistic facilities.  I don’t think this success in Colchester was planned, it just happened, and it started with just one acorn.

As I visited various artistic outposts in Colchester I was also gathering little acorns, those ideas that would benefit my business.  There was a source of “Mercury” key rings, something I could sell on for three times the price; the complaint of a customer at the tourist shop of lack of images…

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