The Borscht of times, the Würste of times

The following article was found  in the, Hermetic Journal of 1979. if you are interested in the original Journal article please ask.

“The technique given here is a development of the Solve et Coagula. It should be performed in the retort of Nature, in contemplation of the natural world, and involves bearing the essence of the outer spiritual forces across the threshold into the inner realm. Seek out some phenomenon of Nature that reflects the nature of the element one is to contemplate, For Air, perhaps the rising of smoke from a fire, a mist slowly forming, or those processes of cloud formation that occur at a discernable rate. For Water, the seashore, waves beating on rocks, or perhaps find a little stream or waterfall. For Earth, sit beside a rock face, or a quarry, or some particular feature of landscape. Fire is more subtle, although in outer nature there…

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