Why Storytellers Lie – Maura Kelly


Great article by Maura Kelly explaining how and why we “fine-tune the grand narratives of our lives”

The link to the full article is below

“The more often we tell a narrative, in other words, the more it changes subtly with each telling—and because we tell ourselves the stories of our own lives over and over and over again, they can change a lot. (Think of all the times you’ve explained—to yourself or others—how your parents and siblings shaped you, or why you chose to attend that college, or how a teacher or mentor helped you discover your calling.) As Gotschall puts it, “We spend our lives crafting stories that make us the noble—if flawed—protagonists of first-person dramas. … A life story is not, however, an objective account. A life story is a carefully shaped narrative … replete with strategic forgetting and skillfully spun meanings.” For this reason, he asserts, all memoirs, no matter how much their authors believe them to be true, should come with a disclaimer: “Based on a true story.”



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