“Briefly, narrative approaches to psychology hold that life is storied: that meaning is given to experience through story, and that an individual’s identity and sense of self are chiefly shaped by stories. Stories which people tell about their lives and experiences; stories which determine how they see themselves and the role(s) they play in the world. Very often, individuals can tell stories about their lives that are dysfunctional, or, to use Epston & White’s phrase, ’problem-saturated’. A story which is dysfunctional is a story which prevents an individual from growing, from changing, from solving a problem or even approaching a problem and learning to move on: for example, a story in which the individual only ever perceives himself as a victim, and never a protagonist with the power to act and change. The ‘problem-saturated story’ may become so dominant that it prevents the individual from interpreting their experience in any other way.”


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