In a maze you can get lost – in a labyrinth you can only find yourself


(photo: The Stone Labyrinths in Karelia)

Coaching at Work Vol 7 issue 2

Labyrinths have been drawn and built for thousands of years. Today they are being rediscovered to help with stress reduction, connection with essential themes and true transformation says Anneliese Monden

Why this revival and why the link to coaching? There are several reasons

  • The rise of information overload on a daily basis
  • Natural disasters on the rise
  • Increase in security issues
  • Authority being questioned and not just accepted
  • Too much choice available leading to demand for increased decision making

Labyrinths can help to transcend rational thinking, because of their connection with sacred geometry in which numbers and shapes have symbolic as well as numeric meaning.

Historically there are deemed to be 4 key themes in the symbolism and use of labyrinths

  • Death and (re)birth
  • Initiation or transition to a new phase in life
  • Fertility
  • Spiritual Journey

The remains of labyrinths can still be found as rock carvings or drawings, constructions in nature, in palaces and churches, on old coins and vases.

Historically sacred geometry has been used to allow people to make connections in a non rational way. Walking the labyrinth connects both left and right side of the brain while literally ‘leading us’ to the centre. There is only one way to the centre and one way out. The road is winding but you cannot get lost.

Coaching guides people from being led in life towards leading their own life. It accelerates the process of discovering what is essential in life to you and how to integrate that into your life.

‘Labyrinth walking’ is a metaphor for finding what you stand for in the centre or your core and for aligning these findings with your walk as you walk into the outer world again. Each person experiences the labyrinth in a different way but most will experience a change in attitude towards self evaluation and a willingness to act. Insights can be powerful and simple, obvious or totally unexpected. Are you prepared to surrender to the sacred mystery?

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