On the True Face of Hermes, by Tim Pendry


“Trying to pin down the archetype of Hermes is, by its very nature, absurd. Hermes in his many manifestations is Heraclitean flux turned into psychological form. Loki and Legba are analogues from other cultures. Quicksilver is the metallic analogue, a metal that behaves like a liquid and appears to be neither fully.

The Archetype

What is this archetype? – one of gaps and silences, shape-shifting, the hidden, movement, the flow of music, thought and being, exchange and acquisition, chance and the fleeting moment of decision or indecision, the momentary, the instinctual and so persuasion, illusion and trickery.”

Read the rest of this illuminating article at the link


3 thoughts on “On the True Face of Hermes, by Tim Pendry

  1. It’s an excellent summary – I’ve fixed the link now; just discovered that the link linked back to my blog rather than opening the full article at the Art of Transformations blog! Sorry about that, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!


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