Wilton’s is the world’s oldest, surviving Grand Music Hall and London’s best kept secret. Originally 5 terraced houses, John Wilton opened Wilton’s Music Hall in 1858.
This stunning and atmospheric building is led by Frances Mayhew and produces an exciting programme of
imaginative, diverse and distinct entertainment including theatre, music, comedy, cinema and cabaret.

Virtual Tour http://www.sphericalimages.com/wiltons-music-hall/virtual-tour.html


Even today, with advanced foods, and radios, and insulated clothing, a journey on foot across Antarctica is one of the harshest tests a human being can be asked to endure. A hundred years ago, it was worse. Then, wool clothing absorbed snow and damp. High-energy food came in an unappetizing mix of rendered fats called pemmican. Worst of all, extremes of cold pervaded everything; Apsley Cherry-Garrard, who sailed with Captain Scott’s doomed South Pole expedition of 1910-13, recalled that his teeth, “the nerves of which had been killed, split to pieces” and fell victim to temperatures that plunged as low as -77 degrees Fahrenheit. Cherry-Garrard survived to write an account of his adventures, a book he titled The Worst Journey in the World. But even his Antarctic trek—made in total darkness in the depths of the Southern winter—was not quite so appalling as the desperate march faced one year later by the Australian explorer Douglas Mawson. Mawson’s journey has gone down in the annals of polar exploration as probably the most terrible ever undertaken in Antarctica.

The Most Terrible Polar Exploration Ever: Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic Journey

Therefore, be ye lamps unto yourselves, be a refuge to yourselves. Hold fast to Truth as a lamp; hold fast to the truth as a refuge. Look not for a refuge in anyone beside yourselves. And those, who shall be a lamp unto themselves, shall betake themselves to no external refuge, but holding fast to the Truth as their lamp, and holding fast to the Truth as their refuge, they shall reach the topmost height.”
― Siddhārtha Gautama

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