When one dreams of another, Are both aware of it? We’re apart as darkness is from light My dream soul exists only for you. True, nothing can be gained from dreams, But without them how would I see you? Yüan Chen, Three Dreams at Chiang-ling Translated by William H. Nienhauser (via frenchtwist)


fernsandmoss: Pamela Singh, Chipko Women Hug Tree to Protect it from Being Cut in Northern Uttar Pradesh, 1994

withnailrules: Tilly Losch, c. 1928

yama-bato: Binder Sibylle, actress Vienna around 1935. By Trude Fleischmann Copyright: Albertina, Vienna from here

vintagegal: Dead Man Dead, paperback cover art by Robert Maguire (1961)

actegratuit: Frèsque Cretois, Gregory Pelizzari

firsttimeuser: Man Ray. Untitled, 1935