Gustave Doré


The Empyrean (highest heaven), from the illustrations to The Divine Comedy by Gustave Doré.

Title: Doré’s White Rose – Illustration to Dante’s Divine Comedy, Paradiso by Gustave Doré. Plate 34.(http://www.artsycraftsy.com/dore/dore34.html)

More http://www.divinecomedy.org/divine_comedy.php3?gallery?cba?Dore?Dore%27s%20Paradiso


Paradiso 14
Dante and Beatrice translated to the Sphere of Mars(http://www.divinecomedy.org/divine_comedy.php3?gallery?slide?Dore?Dore%27s%20Paradiso?par_14.jpg)


http://www.artpassions.net/cgi-bin/dore_image.pl?../galleries/dore/paradiso14.jpg(Thanks xineann )


From centre to the circle, and so back

From circle to the centre, water moves

In the round chalice, even as the blow

Impels it, inwardly, or from without.

Such was the image glanc’d into my mind,

As the great spirit of Aquinum ceas’d;

And Beatrice after him her words

Resum’d alternate: “Need there is (tho’ yet

He tells it to you not in words, nor e’en

In thought) that he should fathom to its depth

Another mystery. Tell him, if the light,

Wherewith your substance blooms, shall stay with you

Eternally, as now: and, if it doth,

How, when ye shall regain your visible forms,

The sight may without harm endure the change,

That also tell.” As those, who in a ring

Tread the light measure, in their fitful mirth

Raise loud the voice, and spring with gladder bound;

Thus, at the hearing of that pious suit,

The saintly circles in their tourneying

And wond’rous note attested new delight…(http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/d/dante/d19pa/canto14.html)

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